Saturday, January 28, 2012

Prayer Requests

really appreciate everyone's support and encouragement over
the past few months! It is only my second week at Remnant Uganda but I am
already, absolutely LOVING it!!!! I feel so blessed to be working with our
ladies!!! They are honestly some of the most amazing women I have ever met and
they bring so much joy to my life! My job requirements def. change from day to
day but my favorite part is just getting to spend time with each of them! I am
so excited to see what the Lord has in store for Remnant Uganda this year and my
personal life as well.

I have already learned so much and know that this year will def. be one of
refinement and growth! That being said, I would really covet your prayers! If
you could be praying for more wisdom and discernment for my job. It is a big
responsibility running this organization and I have to make some tough I REALLY want to be led by the Spirit in everything I say and
do...and really want to be as intentional as possible while I am here for the
next 11 months. I just want to experience more of Him and to really be taken
into a deeper level. Please also pray for preseverence and strength, especially
during the refining periods. I know God is lovingly weaning me off my other
dependencies, so please pray that I would continue to learn all that He wants me
to. Please pray for protection and health. And lastly please pray that I would
continue to experience this peace and joy while I am living and working here in

Also if you could be praying for our ladies...most of them are leaders in the
church and have experienced so much freedom...and as a result, the enemy has
really been attacking them recently. So please pray for protection! Also, pray
that Remnant would become sustainable and have a really successful year in 2012!
Finally please pray for unity and that sweet relationships would be formed
amongst the staff and beneficiaries!

Seriously, thank you all for your friendship, love, encouragement, support, and
prayers!!!! I appreciate it more than words can say!!

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